Sunshine By The Sea

Anna Heijs was a member of our “Sea Ponies” group during the summer 2015 season. Throughout the day, Anna radiated smiles and sunshine. Her essence will always remain a part of the fabric of Camp Coconuts. In her legacy, we want to bring smiles and sunshine to a child who is experiencing a debilitating illness. In memory of Anna Heijs, the Sunshine on the Sea scholarship will be granted to that child and their sibling. We sometimes forget to think about how siblings have to adjust. Parents do not always have the time they wish they did, let alone the ability to support the other siblings. Because of Anna, Camp Coconuts’ Sunshine on the Sea scholarship is here to help children who are dealing with issues of loss and bereavement by offering 3 weeks (per sibling) of fun, creativity, and adventure. If your family is experiencing such a hardship, or know of a family, please send us your story. Together with Anna’s family will select the recipient for the Sunshine on the Sea scholarship.      

Michael Lavalle

You have two hands: one for helping yourself and one for helping others. In our second year at Camp Coconuts we were in uncharted territory with offering transportation for our families. We had the privilege of meeting with Michael Lavelle, a successful owner of a transportation service. Michael took the time to meets us, answer all of our questions, and have his staff complete work. Upon providing us with transportation for the summer we came to find out he would not accept any money for work completed or usage of busing. For our thanks to Michael Lavelle we pay it forward each year in his honor by offering 6 weeks of a camp experience to a child from a family in need, that otherwise would not be able to attend camp.

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